An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi From an Army Veteran

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Oath to the Constitution Save the Republic


As of this morning, around 150 Republicans are assaulting our democracy by planning to overturn the presidential election results. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris clearly won the 2020 presidential election in every way possible. They won the popular vote by more than 7 million votes, they won the Electoral College with 306 electoral votes, and Trump’s current court record contesting the election results stands at 62 losses and 1 win. Trump and his administration and legal team have been touting voter fraud and demanding election integrity while providing no evidence of wrongdoing.

But what’s worse is that Republicans in Congress support and defend these acts of Sedition and Treason. Calling for people to rebel and fight against the legal process of our Republic is the exact definition of sedition. This is exactly what these traitorous Republicans are asking their voters to do. The Republicans also claim they will not accept a Joe Biden presidency. They are doing everything they can to keep Trump in power so they can maintain control. 

The reason I wrote this to you, Speaker, is because when I enlisted in the military, I took an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. To uphold that oath, I demand that these Republicans and Trump go on trial for sedition and treason. They also took an oath of office to defend the Constitution, but they are now breaking their promise 

We need to fulfill our commitment to be a nation of law and accountability. We have checks and balances in the Constitution for a reason; they are there to prevent the rise of dictators and a reign of chaos. If nothing is done about this assault on democracy, then it will happen again and again and again. I also believe that only accountability will unite us. America is different from other countries: No one here is above the law. If we lose this value, we lose ourselves. This is not a left vs. right battle. This is a fight for the foundation of our country, a battle to save the Republic.

Following the shameful events in the nation’s capitol, I specifically call for the impeachment and removal of President Donald J. Trump.

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