An Open Letter to Joe Biden: Remember Hillary

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Hillary and Joe

Dear President-elect Biden,

I am writing to you today to make a request that I believe will help bring healing and unity to our country. I am a former Trump supporter. When I saw the light about who the president really was, I told the story of my journey. Early on, Hillary Clinton shared my article on social media. She and other Democrats didn’t have to take me in and welcome me after I left MAGA. We all know how she was wronged in the 2016 election; she was more qualified than any other candidate that year to be president. Once I took the propaganda blindfold off, I was awestruck at her accomplishments as a senator and secretary of state. She would have been a phenomenal leader of our country. Instead, she made history as the first woman to run for president and laid a pathway for future women leaders, like Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

As I got to know liberals, Democrats, women, people of color and others, I learned how they felt after hearing the 2016 results. Many people were hurt, torn, angry — so many different emotions that could prevent our country from being united. That’s why I am asking you to offer Hillary Clinton a role on your team. I think having her on board in the new administration will bring closure and healing for her and her supporters, as well as a final end to the 2016 election.

I am fully aware of her potential critics on the right and left if she were offered a position on your team. We know the far right will talk about Benghazi and her emails, but I am confident that if she had been president this year then 300,000 Americans would not have died from COVID. To the far left, we can make the point that we don’t have to agree on every aspect of policy. Instead, we have the chance to show Americans that people of all backgrounds can work together in a civil way. Our government is supposed to represent the country, and Hillary Clinton speaks to so many Americans, particularly women who rested their hopes and dreams upon her. Clinton’s history of bipartisanship and experience will benefit our country, especially with the many challenges we face. Thank you, President-elect Joe Biden, for taking the time to read my letter.


David Weissman

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