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Hillary and Joe

An Open Letter to Joe Biden: Remember Hillary

Dear President-elect Biden, I am writing to you today to make a request that I believe will help bring healing and unity to our country. I am a former Trump supporter. When I saw the light about who the president

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Trump Narcissist

Narcissism Is Trumpism, Part I

This the first of a two-part article. Read the second part of “Narcissism Is Trumpism” right here on DemCast. America is still at a crossroads. While trump’s defeat in 2020 likely saved


Don’t Booooooooo. Vote!

In 2016, the polls looked good -- until they didn't. Help reach the voters who are the most critical part of the progressive base.


Women Lead Michigan

This series will present profiles of women running for office in Michigan from local races up to Congressional seats.