A Letter to MAGA, from a Former Trump Supporter: Please Vote for Joe

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I know there is animosity between us because I left MAGA and ended my support for Trump. The journey I chose wasn’t an easy one but I felt it was the right thing to do when I made this decision. Since that day, I’ve learned a lot and I do wish that I had handled my departure a bit better than I did. I’ve gotten to know a lot of you, fought with you. I have considered many of you as a friend. Are there racist Trump supporters? Sure, there are racists and misogynists in all walks of life. I know there are people in MAGA who do care for their country but have been brainwashed by right-wing propaganda like I was for many years, believing that Democrats, Muslims, and MSM were the enemy of America. 

I had the same concerns that a lot of you had, but I’ve gotten to know the people we feared. They are just like us. They want to provide for their families and they care about the safety of our country. If you can get past the propaganda, you see there are a few ideological differences, but we often care about the same things like free speech, human rights, and equality. The most important lesson I’ve learned that I hope you can take from my words is that Democrats don’t want to infringe on your rights — they fight for the rights of marginalized people. They fight for those who are oppressed, they fight for gun reform. It doesn’t mean they want to take away your guns. They have a different world view than you, but they recognize they have the rights you have. 

I also got to learn who Joe Biden is. Joe Biden is a man of God who actually goes to church and knows the Bible. He has a wonderful family who he loves, and he loves all Americans. I know you feel ignored by Democrats, Hollywood, and sport stars but that’s far from the truth. They care about everyone and understand that people from different walks of life have different perspectives. But I promise you that Joe Biden hears and sees you. 

Trump, on the other hand, does not. He’s conned us. He doesn’t follow conservative values which is why there are respectable conservatives supporting Joe Biden. Trump lied to you about the pandemic, as tapes of his speech prove. He called fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers.” Given his track record on the military and veterans, I absolutely believe he said those awful things. I get that you guys might vote for him for the Supreme Court justices but I don’t believe that’s a good enough reason. Trump doesn’t respect the Constitution and he doesn’t respect your rights. He lied to you by downplaying the pandemic when he knew how serious it was. If he had been upfront and honest, he could have prevented many of the 200,000 lives and counting lost from the coronavirus. Trump even ignored the pandemic playbook created in part by Joe Biden based on the lessons he learned from H1N1. Joe Biden doesn’t want to defund the police, and he doesn’t support looting and rioting. He is a man who doesn’t want systemic racism in the police force, and none of us should want that. He cares about your safety and well-being. When Biden was Vice President, the economy was doing great and Biden can restore that. 

You don’t have to talk about voting for Joe Biden. You don’t have to like me. Heck, you can troll me for the rest of my life. All I really hope is that you do vote for him. You know deep down in your heart that our country can’t handle another four years of Trump. 

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that, in essence, we are all fighting for the right to be ourselves. With only a few exceptions, we are not so different regardless of party.

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