Future Now Fund

Future Now Fund is building the power to improve Americans’ lives — by winning state legislative majorities and working with them to achieve goals for the common good.

One step in dismantling structural racism

This week, Future Now convened state lawmakers from across the country for a critical conversation on how lawmakers can address police reform in their states as one step in dismantling structural racism.


These candidates are ready to lead

Over the past week, yet again we have been reminded just how important state lawmakers are. As federal leadership falls down again, we look to those leading our states to create equal


The State That Needs a Rising Tide

If you care about redistricting then you should care about the Florida House. These elections determine who will be drawing new congressional districts.


The Easiest State In The Country?

Recently we presented to a group of political professionals and asked which state with a Democratic governor was trying to break a Republican supermajority in the state legislature. It took more guesses