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Dear Friends,

The votes are still being counted and results are not final yet anywhere on the ballot. However, it appears increasingly likely that Joe Biden will win the presidency. Many of you engaged in this work after Donald Trump took the White House, and the end of his presidency is very good news. But a political victory is not a moral victory. Our country’s politics are still deeply broken, and that is why our work was never about the presidency. It is about building power in state chambers and working with lawmakers to improve lives.

Last night we made some meaningful gains. We will expand the Maine majority that we worked to flip in 2018. We supported Ricky Hurtado in North Carolina who flipped his district after an FNF endorsee lost last cycle by less than 300 votes. He is now going to Raleigh as the only Latinx legislator in the state. There is still a potential path to changing the balance of power in Arizona. But there were also disappointments — for the results by state, click here.

While there is more analysis to be done, there are two conclusions of which we are sure: First, our organizational focus on getting candidates to knock on doors is absolutely vital. The pandemic largely took the core tactic of meeting and listening to people off the table, and we are seeing the impact on the quality of information we had going into the election and results we have coming out.

Second, the policy work by Future Now is more important, and hopeful, than ever. That work is grounded in a belief that the America’s Goals agenda is broadly popular and will improve lives. Over the next year, Future Now is well positioned to build its network of lawmakers who will make progress on policy. 

This is what it’s all about. 

Thank you for being a partner in this effort. We are incredibly grateful today of all days, to be able to work to change the balance of power and improve lives.  



Daniel Squadron 
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Future Now Fund and Future Now 

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