The Day After: November 4, 2020

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The election results are unfolding exactly the way the experts told us they would. We knew that more Democrats voted by mail and that the count could take days. We also knew that Trump would declare victory and announce that the states should stop counting. So there’s no reason to panic. We just need to keep reminding everyone that #EveryVoteCounts and we must #CountEveryVote. We #CountAllTheVotes because that is how we know the will of the people.

And because they respect the American people, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party want every vote counted. Sadly, the other party, which seems to care more about power than doing the right thing, wanted to stop the counting when the president was ahead. Tell your family and friends to be patient, that every vote that is received by the legal due date will be counted and added to the final tally. Remind people that elections are run by the states and they have many different deadlines; for example in Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots aren’t due until Friday, as long as they were postmarked by Election Day.

Even when Biden ultimately wins, we have serious issues we will need to solve. After four years of overt racism, bigotry, family separation and children in cages, it’s hard to understand how the vote can be this close. We continue to face the problems of an out-of-control pandemic and millions of people are still unemployed. As empathic human beings, we need to learn why so many Americans appear to be okay with immorality and a government with no ethics. Even a Biden victory won’t erase those disturbing results, and it’s going to be hard to find common ground with those people. 

Hopefully, we can slow down a bit, and even take a short break, and then return to the work that is needed to make our country live up to our ideals.

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