Now That the Presidential Debates Are Over, What Have We Learned?

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Biden and Trump Debate

Was there a winner in the 2020 Debates? Was it the American people?

We have been living in the midst of evil for five years. For all of us with tender hearts, it has felt intolerable. 

Last night, in the final debate with Joe Biden, Donald Trump had an opportunity to express empathy for the families of 223,000 dead Americans — many of whom died alone. He was not able to do so.

Last night, Trump was offered a forum to express compassion for the children he had ripped from their parents’ arms. Children who had to sleep alone on concrete, due to his racist, inhumane family separation policy. He could not offer a single shred of care or concern. In fact, he insulted our intelligence by claiming that they have been taken care of very well.

This is who he is. He was offered the opportunity to speak to ALL Americans and yet he continued his “red state, blue state” divisiveness. He even took a swing at Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who was the recent target of a murder plot by right-wing extremists.

This leads to the conclusion that he is simply incapable of empathy. For whatever reason, he is so broken that he is mentally, emotionally and most importantly, morally unfit to lead, and he needs to go.

Friends, this will not be over on November 3. We still have months of processing and healing from the damage and suffering  this man and all his enablers have caused. We have years of righting the wrongs, putting systems back in place, and holding accountable those who have been complicit and silent in the face of this evil. 

We CAN be better and we must. This is a battle for good over evil. For life, not death.

We are never powerless. So for now, until we can end this nightmare, take action. VOTE EARLY. Vote for humanity and decency and compassion and unity. As Joe Biden said at the debate, we are not “red and blue states,” we are the United States. 

Love yourself in this time. Walk. Garden. Plant. Read. Listen. Act. Meditate. Look for beauty. Take a virtual museum tour. Learn something new. Play with your animal. Fill your life with joy. Find your people and hang around with them. Do not become “them.” Stay in integrity.

We will survive this. Together.

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Photo by Jim Bourg/Pool via AP

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