We Are About To Take Our Country Back

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Three lines of early voters in Fort Wayne IN.

The GOP and Donald J. Trump have severely underestimated the depth of our fury. I’m no election expert, but this is what I see in the long lines waiting to vote and in the enormous early voting numbers.

Most of us have sacrificed in profound ways while Trump dances at his ego-filled, mask-less rallies, while Mitch McConnell laughs at a question on COVID-19 relief and while Mike Lee — recently diagnosed with COVID-19 —appears without a mask and shouts during a Senate hearing that shouldn’t even be happening.

Millions of us have not left our homes since March. We’ve struggled with work disruptions and unemployment, and we’ve shown up at food banks in numbers not seen since the Great Depression. All while Trump’s administration and the GOP have failed to create a national mask mandate, have failed to figure out COVID-19 relief and have failed to produce enough Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers who are still reusing days-old PPE. So, yes, we are going to show up and vote like never before because we need this evil to be over. We are standing in lines, writing postcards, voting early and donating in droves because we actually believe that no one is above the law, that hypocrisy is not a viable strategy, that lying is inexcusable and that we want our country’s leaders to keep us safe. We are sick of being lied to, cheated and used for the benefit of those who know how to “game the system.”

So we are going to vote like our lives depend on it because they do. There are at least 215,000 dead who have not properly been mourned. Can you even believe there hasn’t been a national day of mourning?

I’m not done.

We are sick and tired of our White House being used for partisan campaign events and our Secret Service being used for nefarious purposes. We are sick of the gamification of our lives. We are sick of the hypocrisy of being “pro-life” for fetuses but not caring about the lives of actual people who are Black and Brown, or women or the thousands dying alone. So go right ahead Mike Lee, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Donald J. Trump, put your cravenness and lack of humanity on full display because your days in power are numbered. We are about to take our country back.

Photo by Thad Gerardot (Twitter: @Gerardot4FW)

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