Blessing For Those Who Stand Up

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Bless you for showing up

day after day

Even when you have a pit in your stomach or

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a knot in your throat

Even when you nearly lose faith

Or fear the worst.

Bless you for continuing to have faith

in the seen and the unseen,

For believing in the good and

For fighting for justice & equality for all

Bless you for facing the darkness

and bringing light,

For choosing kindness and

reaching out to others who are suffering

Bless you for cleaving to your ideals

for welcoming the stranger

clothing the homeless

feeding the hungry and

protecting the children

For keeping the Statue of Liberty in your consciousness

day after day.

Bless you for SHOWING UP

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

when you are discouraged and feel defeated

Bless you for SPEAKING out

in the face of relentless assaults on human dignity

Bless you for MARCHING

Bless you for taking breaks,

Practicing necessary self-care, and

Trusting that others in the far-flung community

Of righteous souls will carry the burden

while you rejuvenate.


Rabbi Jill Zimmerman


Reposted from with permission.

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Rabbi Jill Berkson Zimmerman leads Path With Heart and Hineni, a spiritual mindfulness community that meets online. She is committed to justice and sharing wisdom that makes a difference in people’s lives. She can be found at

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