ICYMI: Villages-News: Trump’s Coronavirus Catastrophe Puts Senior Care On Life Support

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Trump Coronavirus Catastrophe
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This week, Jeff Le, Florida resident and former Deputy Cabinet Secretary to former Governor Jerry Brown, penned an op-ed for the Villages-News outlining how Trump’s chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic has greatly jeopardized the lives of our loved ones, especially seniors. Seniors and their caregivers continue to be the most vulnerable to the virus, with at least 41 percent of Florida’s coronavirus deaths coming from senior communities.
This piece comes ahead of Donald Trump’s rally in The Villages today. Ahead of that visit, the Florida Democratic Party held a press conference highlighting senior support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as Trump’s broken promises to seniors. 
See below for key excerpts of the op-ed:
Villages-News: Trump’s Coronavirus catastrophe puts senior care on life support By Jeff Le

  • “’Don’t let coronavirus dominate your life.’ That’s what President Trump tweeted upon returning to the White House after three days of world-class care at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. But for average Americans, the coronavirus dominated every part of our life in 2020.”
  • “Despite our personal sacrifices, America isn’t safer. The President’s negligent pandemic response, disregard for medical advice and science, and divisive public messaging jeopardized the lives of our loved ones, especially seniors. Our seniors and their essential caregivers at care facilities continue to be among the most vulnerable from deadly outbreaks – with no end in sight.”
  • ‘The facts are alarming. At least 77,000 residents and care professionals from 19,000 nursing homes have died from the coronavirus nationwide. Nearly half a million U.S. nursing home residents have been infected. “
  • “Despite life-threatening circumstances, Florida caregivers serve our elderly for just $11 dollars an hour. A raise for these heroes will not only help morale but also improve care during these difficult times. While recent federal negotiations remain stalled, any future solution must include funding for healthcare worker premium pay and a national strategy for high-quality training and skills development for caregivers.”
  • “As you carefully consider your vote for President, we must reflect on the dangers the most vulnerable in our society continue to face. We must immediately prioritize national solutions that protect our loved ones and caregivers. We need a President who understands the importance of healthcare access for all American seniors, not just those who can get helicoptered to Walter Reed. Until then, no matter what the President says, this pandemic will continue to dominate our lives.”

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