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In the past two months Give Smart has sent more than $1 million to state legislative races across six states where we knew there could be a battle for control of a chamber.  But Future Now Fund and Give Smart are always looking for new opportunities in states where last-minute donations can make the biggest difference. And right now, we’re excited to announce that your dollars can make the biggest impact in these 5 races in…Wisconsin.


In 2019, Future Now Fund took a long, hard look at going into the Wisconsin Assembly. And we determined that if the 2020 election looked like the razor thin 2018 Wisconsin gubernatorial race — which was itself a big improvement over the prior two elections — flipping control was remote.

But in 2020 as we look at the Badger State, things have changed. It’s looking a lot more possible that this year will begin to approach the Wisconsin Senate race where the Democrat won by more than 10% and carried a majority of Assembly districts in the state on the personal strength of Sen. Tammy Baldwin. The Trump campaign is now pulling advertising from the state, increasing the chance of winning a majority of State Assembly districts this year

What’s changed? Well, for one thing, while Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has done his best to implement common sense public health measures, the state has been ravaged by the COVID-19 epidemic and the recalcitrant legislature has put the needs of narrow special interests over the health of the people of Wisconsin. At some point enough voters will get fed up, no matter how badly you gerrymander them.

So here’s the opportunity: 5 candidates who are trying to flip the seats that will make the difference between the minority and the majority if the wave comes. There are no sure winners in the lot. But if we have a shot of flipping the Wisconsin House, these are the candidates who will get us over the top.

How is this Giving Smart? These races are a bit outside the normal criteria we use because it’s such a late-breaking opportunity.

But it’s a gamble worth making. Trump’s retreat from Wisconsin creates a real opportunity. It’s like the 2008 race in Michigan — Republicans pulled out and Democrats carried counties they hadn’t won in decades. That’s why a quixotic bid has become a worthwhile gamble in Wisconsin.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity. As you know, your dollars go farthest when they go to state legislative races. And Give Smart’s Featured Slate of five candidates gives a boost in the states where campaign finance laws give the most power to grassroots donors right now, in the home stretch. So I am asking you to Give Smart.

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