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October 8, 2020



The danger itself fosters the rescuing power. –Friedrich Hölderlin

In the midst of COVID, a cratered economy, and a cultural cold war, Field Team 6 had its most successful day ever on Tuesday, registering 631 progressive voters.

And thanks to all of you, this week smashed all our records: we registered 2,013 progressive voters, primarily from our list of college-educated women and people of color.

We are now Usain Bolt-ing it down the final 19-day stretch, fighting every voter registration deadline in our remaining battleground states, literally texting and calling until the very moment state registration websites stop accepting online applications.

We’ve sent more than 3.7 million texts, made tens of thousands of calls, sent hundreds of thousands of targeted emails… and we’ve registered 26,423 progressive voters.

Because our volunteers and organizers and partners are UNSTOPPABLE, we are now making a mad dash to grab the brass ring of 30k total new Democrats before the final deadline hits on 10/26! Our goal is to send an average of 50,000 texts or more a day, from now on, in the most massive outreach effort we’ve ever attempted.

With your help, we just might do it. Because in response to this great danger, you have all stood up to save this country. And it’s working!!

(Theme Songs for Today: “Gonna Fly Now” – “Fly Away” – “I’ll Fly Away“)


NAKED BALLOTS VIDEO!It’s not just an excuse for your favorite celebrities to take off their clothes – it’s also an important message about making sure your vote counts! The naked truth is that many states have complicated rules to suppress the vote. Pennsylvania requires a secrecy sleeve. North Carolina requires a signature by a witness. UGH. And most of these rules are written by Republicans. But if you follow these rules, your vote can help elect more Democrats… who will make it easier to vote! So download the video and share it on social media far and wide!

BE AN #OCTOBERVOTER…THE CAMPAIGN RAMPS UP!We asked you to vote early, snap a photo, and post it with the hashtags #OctoberVoter and #Voterizer. You responded like the heroes you are! Now we’re sharing even more tools to inspire your social media followers: click HERE for ready-made Tweets, FB posts, Instagram, and text messages that are fun and powerful. And notice the artwork is stylized images of the photos you’ve already sent us! Upload a photo of yourself dropping off your ballot HERE so we can make you part of the campaign! Please keep blasting these out to your friends and followers to make them part of this powerful Get Out The Vote campaign. And thanks for being an #OctoberVoter!


If you have 2 hours, you can help save the world.

Join Field Team 6 and our partners to register Democrats!
We are currently registering:
public college students,
college-educated women,
and unregistered people of color,
as well as re-registering purged voters
in 11 crucial swing states!
We have multiple events to choose from every day of the week.

All training provided.

Get details and sign up by clicking the VOLUNTEER OPS button below!


AZ, CO, IA, ME, MI, NC, and WI 





SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10:KEEPING SANE WITH SARAH JAKLE2020 may be the most stressful year we’ve ever lived through… and each news cycle only adds to the pressure. Thankfully, our inspiring National Outreach Director Sarah Jakle is here to help! She’s inviting the entire Field Team 6 community to come together on Saturday, October 10 at 12p PT for a conversation about how to stay sane in these insane times. Sign up HERE!

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13:AXIS OF GOOD TEXTING PARTYThe cast and producers of Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle are assembling Tuesday, October 13 at 3p PT / 6p ET for a text bank to register Democrats in Michigan! It’ll be a chill chat session about politics, texting, and the perils of living in a dystopian society under a fascist regime. They’ll also talk about the show! Sign up HERE to join the fun!

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15:IT’S SCANDALOUS TEXTING PARTYJoin your favorite actors from ABC’s award-winning show Scandal to register voters in Pennsylvania! The fun starts Thursday, October 15 at 4p PT / 7p ET. They’ll talk about Scandal, politics, and life, as you all text eligible Pennsylvania voters, and make fun of ridiculous pro-Trump responses together. It’s like having an all-star celebrity support group! Get your ticket to text HERE.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16:DUMP TRUMP – THREE STATES AND HE’S OUT!Trump won by razor-thin margins in 3 states. And that’s all it will take to dump him out of the White House. Young activists are ready to help! Join Field Team 6 and Grassroots Democrats HQ on Friday, October 16 at 5p PT for a Happy Hour raising money for peer-to-peer youth texting events to flip Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Get your TICKET today!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18:BLUE CORN: Flip Iowa. Save the world.There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned state fair! COVID may have ruined our chances to pig out on deep-fried butter under an open summer sky, but FT6 and the Iowa House Truman Fund are bringing those vibes right into your living room on Sunday, October 18 at 6p PT / 9p ET. Join funnyman Greg Proops (Who’s Line Is It Anyway?) as he hosts “auditions” for the State Fair Talent Show featuring Puddles Pity Party, Nicole Atkins, Tom Arnold, Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater, Randee of the Redwoods, Senator Bob Kerry, and more! All proceeds benefit FT6 and the Truman Fund. Get your turkey legs tickets HERE!

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19:HELP THE CONNERS CAST FLIP WI!The cast of ABC’s The Conners is stacked with sitcom legends – John Goodman! Laurie Metcalf! Katey Sagal! Sara Gilbert! Lecy Goranson! – and they want to party with you! Text party, that is… Join their Zoom on Monday, October 19 at 3p PT / 6p ET as they text into Lanford’s neighbor state Wisconsin and help win it for Biden! Admission is by donation, get your TICKETS!


PHONE AND TEXT BANK CAPTAINS NEEDED NOW!Become a Phone or Text Bank Captain and help lead our most important project so far: contacting every college student and purged voter on our battleground states list! It only takes a couple hours to lead a weekly phone or text bank after your initial training, and we handle all the logistics. Interested? Sign up for a training session in the section above, or contact us HERE!

SOCIAL MEDIA VOLUNTEERSWe’re looking for social media savvy volunteers to ride shotgun on our Troll Patrol, help write posts and tweets to amplify our message, and participate in our impactful social storms. Will train! Contact us HERE for more info!

POLLING PLACE VOTE TRIPLING CAPTAINLead this Election Day project for us! This involves emailing training materials to every volunteer who signs up to go to a polling place to do Vote Tripling on Election Day – and emailing volunteers guidance on where to go in their target states. (Guidance provided.) This is a volunteer position that should be fairly easy, and that will run until a couple days after Election Day. Volunteer HERE!


FIELD TEAM 6 RAPID RESPONSE!Monday was the last day for voter registration in Florida – so of course, the state’s website crashed. The next morning, we found out Florida had extended its deadline by one day. We snapped into emergency mode – HUSTLED – and managed to quickly stand up another few text banks. We blasted out an email – and our volunteers showed up right away en masse! By the time the deadline hit that night, we’d sent 250,000 more texts and registered 431 new progressive voters in our biggest digital registration day ever! And that record lasted… one day. We registered 631 new voters through Voterizer on Tuesday. Let’s keep it going and bring this Blue Wave home!!

MAKE VOTERIZER YOURS!Voterizer is available to all our fellow grassroots groups, Dem clubs, and Resistance partners! Click HERE to get a customized version of Voterizer, with your organization’s logo on the first page – plus access to the data of every voter you register! And we’d love for anyone with a website to embed Voterizer and get every visitor registered without even leaving the page. How’s that for easy? Get instructions and the embed code RIGHT HERE!

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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