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Friends – There’s a major fight raging over vote-by-mail right now.

Vote-by-mail could be the solution to voting during a pandemic – allowing millions of voters to cast their ballots from the safety of their own homes.

But Trump and state Republicans are attacking it because they know vote-by-mail will increase turnout in November, which could spell disaster for the GOP. Trump even claims that efforts to expand vote-by-mail would mean “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

We need to know what trusted supporters think about vote-by-mail. It will help state Democrats across the country lock down their strategy for November.

Democratic candidates need to know how you feel about voting by mail. Can you take our quick vote-by-mail survey?

Vote-by-mail could revolutionize how national elections are run in America.

Instead of voting on Election Day, voters could cast their ballots at home – avoiding long lines at polling stations and having time to study the candidates so they can feel confident in their vote.

But before any of that could happen, Democrats are eager to hear what you think of vote-by-mail.

Please answer our survey today: What do you think of vote-by-mail?



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