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Introducing Masks for Humanity

Masks for Humanity is the hub for people who need handmade face masks and other handmade PPE and people who can make handmade face masks and other handmade PPE.

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Pandemic Profiteers

Pandemic profiteers Who are the profiteers making money from COVID disinformation? How do Facebook and YouTube help the ‘Disinformation Dozen’? Who funds them? “The Anti-Vaxx Industry boasts over $35 million in annual revenues while


Disinfo Kills

Disinfo kills Why do people believe fatal lies? How is disinformation cooked up? Who profits from it? What can be done? How are people still falling for disinfo with over 600,000 deaths COVID deaths

last week in demcast

Last Week in DemCast

Events this week show the urgent need to continue on Biden’s path of building back better. Another mass shooting. Georgia’s elected leaders going full Jim Crow 2.0. Full GOP hypocrisy over the

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