These special elections could change everything 

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Just this year, Democrats have already clinched important victories in special elections in Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

Now, seven more special election battles are coming up fast – and we’re running out of time to come together and keep our Democratic momentum going! Take a look for yourself:

There’s nothing we’d love more than to defeat Republicans in their stomping grounds.

Each race like these is another chance to prove ourselves and send a clear signal to Trump and his state allies that Democrats will never stop fighting to vote them out of office – even in uphill battles to flip dark-red seats.

The future of Virginia hangs in the balance

Republicans only need to flip FIVE seats for Democrats to lose our majority in VA

Only 5 seats stand between us and the progress Democrats have made being ripped away by far-right Republicans.

Democrats gained control of the legislature just two years ago, but Republicans are trying their hardest to drag us back under their rule. They’re relying on Democrats becoming complacent which comes on the heels of polling showing control of Virginia is in the margin of error.

Republican attempts to reclaim Virginia MUST fail if Democrats hope to hold this chamber. From voting restrictions to abortion bans, the Republican Party is just as toxic without Trump in the Oval Office.

A Democratic majority in the Commonwealth is the ONLY thing stopping Trump and his corrupt allies from toppling a shining example of what Democrats can accomplish in state legislatures

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