Ending the culture of corruption in the GOP-ruled statehouse

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Dear friend,

The events of the past week are disturbing — and yet, they are hardly surprising.

This week Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and his co-conspirators were arrested, and the details of the criminal complaint tell the tale of operators who have been at this for a long time and know how to evade accountability for their corrupt actions.

We’ve been saying it for a long time — the culture of state government under decades of GOP leadership is fundamentally one of corruption, kickbacks and pay-to-play. It’s no wonder so many Ohio Republicans have refused to speak out against Donald Trump’s blatant corruption and abuse of power, when that is precisely the status quo here in Columbus.

There are a few things that should happen immediately:

  • Householder should step down, and if he won’t, be expelled by his colleagues
  • Any campaign accounts associated with Householder’s criminal enterprise should be frozen
  • Any elected official or candidate who took Householder’s dirty money should offer an explanation to Ohio voters

Those officials who have defrauded the taxpayers and abused the people’s trust must have a moment of accountability, whether that comes from the legal system or at the ballot box this November. Actually, let’s make it both!

And the good news is — while the wheels of justice turn, we can do something about it all ourselves: there are a little over 100 days remaining until Election Day. At the Ohio Democratic Party, we are focused like a laser on electing Joe Biden as our next president, picking up Statehouse seats, flipping the Ohio Supreme Court and ending the scourge of gerrymandering, which has enabled so much of the dysfunction we see in Congress and the corruption of the Ohio Statehouse.

But we need your help to do it!

I hope you’ll join us for our upcoming Weekend of Action and our State Convention next Saturday. There is much work to be done, but Ohio Democrats are gearing up to take back our state.

In solidarity,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party



Trump’s Broken Promises to Ohio Families

Our country is experiencing a caregiving crisis, which has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and Donald Trump’s disastrous response. Trump has failed to deliver on his child care promises, doesn’t understand the challenges working families face and has only made things worse for American families.

  • Trump’s failed response exacerbated the economic fallout from coronavirus, which created further hardship for parents who were already struggling due to Trump’s broken child care promises.
  • Trump failed to secure real progress on paid family leave and even scaled back paid family leave requirements during the pandemic.
  • Trump is pushing all schools to fully reopen and threatening to withhold funding, but has no plan on how schools, teachers and caregivers can do so safely.
  • As coronavirus ripped through nursing homes, Trump failed to provide facilities with needed resources and pushed ahead with efforts to relax regulations.
  • Trump’s coronavirus response has failed to look out for the physical safety and economic security of frontline health care workers.
  • Trump’s repeated efforts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and slash billions from Medicaid pose a threat to long-term care for seniors and the well-being of their caretakers.

After releasing a new plan to build a robust 21st century caregiving and education workforce earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden gave a detailed address outlining how his plan will help build back better by supporting direct care workers, making child care and early childhood education more available and affordable and expanding access to home-based care for seniors and people with disabilities.



Ohio Dems Call For the Repeal of House Bill 6

State Rep. Michael Skindell and state Rep. Michael O’Brien announced plans this week to introduce legislation to repeal House Bill 6, the bill at the center of Larry Householder’s conspiracy.


“Corruption has no place in our government, regardless of political party. When corruption is revealed, it is important we act quickly to fix what has been broken,” said Skindell. “Ohio has been under a one-party rule for decades and what we are seeing are the consequences of that undemocratic arrangement. With deeply gerrymandered districts, Republican politicians feel invincible and are more beholden to special-interest groups and corporations than they are to their own constituents.”



Our State Convention is on Saturday, Aug. 1. The afternoon grassroots program will feature Speaker Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka — and stay tuned for more special guests to come!


Don’t miss out on this Weekend of Action! Ohio Dems and Young Dems are hosting phone banks across the state to reach voters — check out our Mobilize page for an event (virtually) near you!

Here are additional events you can join:


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