It’s A New Season

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I know it has been really hard for everyone in this new season. All at once we have to fight all of these different battles thrown at us from every angle, and it’s tiring, I know…

Sometimes the battle comes in a cool breeze, and sometimes it hits you directly in the face, really hard, yes… I know, it’s been really hard to breathe for a long time for some of us too. Now, here we are, in the midst of two deadly pandemics, (COVID-19 and COVID-1619) both of which it’s most severe symptom is, it takes your breath away; those of us who survive, here we stand in this new season, still breathing as much as we can.

Today with my breath, I want to remind US, that the realization of time and space rapidly changing around US, gets easier when we accept that Everything has a season and “Everything Must Change”. Seasons change, we adapt, and we thrive. It may not always feel good, and we may be left with scars from the season, but yet and still, we thrive. My hope is that this classic ballad, (originally by Benard Ighner and recorded by legends like Quincy Jones, Nina Simone, Chaka Kahn, and Barbra Streisand) will be easy listening, yet encouraging to our nation to adjust and adapt to this new season, and lets thrive together just like we all have to do in any of the other four seasons. Please enjoy my cover of “Everything Must Change”

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From the flat lands of the Mississippi Delta surrounded by cotton fields, a close-knit family, and great music in the early 80s Melvin Myles, the youngest of 5, was born into a devout Baptist/Christian family. Melvin’s parents have served several decades as a Pastor and First Lady and started a family gospel group comprised of all his siblings and parents at an early age that aided him in becoming an accomplished classically trained musician and singer. Jackson State University in Jackson, MS aided Melvin in further developing his musical gifts. Melvin, a concerned Navy veteran, is now committed to improving the quality of life and services for veterans and several vulnerable populations through his work as a philanthropist and small business owner.

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