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(Editors Note: The author uses capital letters & punctuation to express his feelings on a troubling subject. We have chosen not to edit these so that the reader can experience the author’s feeling of rage & pain. Please be sure to listen to the song linked at the end).

The one word that Bob Woodward used to title the book he wrote; to take us as Voters in the mind of one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist in our nation, the President of the currently Divided States of America, is the only word that I can use to adequately describe the feeling I have after hearing the results of the murder/cover-up of Breonna Taylor.

Daniel Cameron (a paralegal, made Attorney General who was bought and paid for by his crook and mentor, Mitch McConnell), had the unmitigated audacity to stand flat footed before Breonna Taylor’s mother and the people of America to tell us, that the bullets that came from the guns of “Police Officers”, these are people who have sworn an “Oath”(which apparently means nothing anymore) to protect the citizens in their communities, that oath says nothing about black or white or any other color or race. Justice has not been served for Breonna Taylor; for the second time Breonna Taylor has been robbed. She was robbed of her life, and she was robbed of justice. Those officers murdered an innocent woman in her own home and they should be charged and locked up for life.

My heart’s desire is for the scales to be lifted from off of the eyes of all mankind. Some of the people that are placed in power are getting away with literal murder and have been getting away with my entire life, my parent’s entire lives, my grandparent’s entire lives, their parents and their parents’ parents. This is the cycle that black people have dealt with all our lives, just for being black, it makes no sense to me.

I really want people to get this, according to his website, since he graduated from law school 9 years ago, Daniel Cameron has worked as a Federal Judicial Clerk, and after gaining all of that year or two of knowledge, that showed that Daniel Cameron had enough experience to become “Legal Counsel” to Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, let that sink in; the “Legal Counsel” for a crook who is the head of a National Political Party. Also, being that Daniel Cameron is just this all-star legal expert after fives of years of experience, he is now the Attorney General of an entire state. I don’t know about you, but that is weird to me.

Please listen to this companion performance by the author of this piece, Melvin Myles of “It’s Probably Me” (written by Sting, Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen).

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

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From the flat lands of the Mississippi Delta surrounded by cotton fields, a close-knit family, and great music in the early 80s Melvin Myles, the youngest of 5, was born into a devout Baptist/Christian family. Melvin’s parents have served several decades as a Pastor and First Lady and started a family gospel group comprised of all his siblings and parents at an early age that aided him in becoming an accomplished classically trained musician and singer. Jackson State University in Jackson, MS aided Melvin in further developing his musical gifts. Melvin, a concerned Navy veteran, is now committed to improving the quality of life and services for veterans and several vulnerable populations through his work as a philanthropist and small business owner.

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