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It’s A New Season

I know it has been really hard for everyone in this new season. All at once we have to fight all of these different battles thrown at us from every angle, and it’s tiring, I know… Sometimes the battle comes

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Trump In His Own Words

The Week That Was

This week Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial opened, so it’s no surprise that DemCast’s featured artist, David Bythewood, has several captivating (and creepy) Trump images to share with you. Read more about


Social Gospel

When I moved to Georgia in 2013, I had no idea that my journey would lead me to become a member of the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, once led by MLK Jr.


Everything’s Coming Up Peaches!

Georgians will win the Senate Georgia Runoff | Safe winter holidays We haven’t emailed in a couple of weeks, but that’s not because we haven’t been working. With partners on the ground in Georgia, we’ve

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