IT’S MY BODY – SCOTUS, Keep Your Hands Off!

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Here are drawings inspired by my fury that the Supreme Court intends to withdraw a right that has been recognized as the law of the land for 50 years. It hits especially hard because I remember when Roe came down. I was 17. Me, my friends, my mom, my friends’ moms were ecstatic. And in one fell swoop a gang of 5 has whisked away a foundation of law firmly entrenched in the U.S. Constitution.

And I ponder the starkness of the inequality the Court and the GOP are laying on a woman because she is the sex that anatomically is designed to carry a fetus. This is not only illogical and unfair but a glaring example of how men and women are treated unequally under the law when it comes to the issue of abortion/freedom of choice/the right to have carte blanche over decisions involving one’s body.

When a woman gets pregnant, the guy is the other 50% of the conception equation. He is also expecting a child. If we want to ensure that the treatment of pregnant women is the same as that received by the men who impregnated them, the laws restricting a woman’s right to choose within the first trimester should be struck down. Alternatively, all the laws, not to mention costs, time, and energy, that are placed on pregnant women should apply equally to the men who make conception possible, otherwise we are living in a society that believes every woman is the Virgin Mary.

Originally posted on Julie Seyler’s blog

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Julie Seyler paints, sews and draws to channel her anxiety, worry, joy and excitement. The leaked SCOTUS decision ha also inspired her to write.

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