“The Vote is Sacred” – A Musical Anthem in Support of Voting Rights

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You can listen to “The Vote Is Sacred” by clicking the link below.

Micah Lapidus and Melvin Myles, a Reform rabbi and a lifelong gospel singer in the Baptist tradition, have partnered to compose and perform a musical anthem in support of voting rights. Entitled “The Vote Is Sacred,” the song draws inspiration from the many champions of voting rights access, including the late congressman John Lewis, an inspiration to both artists, as well as from free and fair elections.  

Since the release of their debut album, “Better Angels,” the musicians have been performing around the country as the duo Lapidus & Myles. They describe their work as “Music for People of Conscience.” Since the topic of voting rights impacts every single American, regardless of age, race, gender, or other identities, the subject is, for the artists, truly a matter of conscience. 

Lapidus & Myles wrote “The Vote Is Sacred” out of their great concern for recent and forthcoming elections in their home state of Georgia as well as around the country. The duo hopes that the song will energize people of conscience everywhere to educate and involve themselves in this timely matter of the utmost importance. 

The lyrics of this song speak for themselves:

“Lincoln once said famously, stronger than the bullet, our vote shall be

Our crowning jewel, our cornerstone, a hard-won right, we can’t let go / Protests, marches, rallies, speeches, show us just how far our reach is

But to bring about the change we need, we must cast our vote, with urgency

The vote is sacred, this is true, everyone deserves their due

A right secured through peaceful means, to give it up, our past demeans

Democracy is fragile, flawed, those who hold the power, make the laws / Ignorance is no excuse, indifference unchecked, becomes abuse

The vote is sacred, this is all, each of us must heed the call

A right secured at such a cost, to let it languish is such a loss

To deny the vote, is a violent deed, though some dissemble and mislead / Our voice therein our power lies, that when silenced, slowly dies

The vote is sacred, this is true, everyone deserves their due / The vote is sacred, this is all, each of us must heed the call

The vote is sacred, this is clear, to vote in freedom, without fear / A right enshrined in dignity, one voice one vote, for all to see”

You can listen to “The Vote Is Sacred” here:

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