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Dear Friends, 

We’re thrilled to share our latest endorsed candidates with you.

All Future Now Fund endorsed candidates have signed on to achieving America’s Goals — a set of policies that help shape a more healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for all Americans. The candidates who we’re endorsing today are ready to create that future. 

These endorsed candidates are ready to build legislative majorities across the country to fight for equal opportunity for all, good jobs, affordable quality healthcare, and people over special interests. 

You can help support these and all of our endorsed candidates by giving to Future Now Fund today.

Still on the sidelines? Meet our newly endorsed candidates and let their stories inspire you to act. 


Debo Powers
After her three-decade career in public education and service in community organizations, Debo took her leadership to the State House where she is proud to serve all Montanans. 

Gerry Browning
A former nurse and entrepreneur, Gerry Browning believes in the power of community. She is driven by her life philosophy of leaving things better than she found them and is committed to making a difference for every Montanan.

Jasmine Taylor
Jasmine dedicated her life to public service after a family member’s cancer diagnosis forced her family into poverty when she was young. Now, she is running for the State House to fight for all Montanans, not just the wealthy few. 

Barbara Bessette
Barbara credits her strong work ethic to growing up around rodeo and her experience barrel racing. She is a substance abuse prevention specialist who took this expertise and a vision for a more fair Montana to Helena in 2018. 

Helena Lovick
Through education and hardwork Helena was able to break her family’s cycle of poverty. Now, Helena is a scientific researcher who is running because she understands the impact that legislation can have on Montana’s families. 

Krystal Steinmetz
Krystal is a civic activist and former journalist who currently works with the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. She is running to protect access to public lands and to support the economy through investing in public education and infrastructure. 

Anne Giuliano
Anne is a radiologist and healthcare expert. She is ready to take this expertise to the state capitol to fight for quality and affordable healthcare for all Montanans. 

Hannah Olson
Born to parents who worked many jobs, the value of hard work was instilled in Hannah at a young age. She is currently an instructor at Montana State University Billings and is a leader in many community organizations.

Brian Popiel
Brian is a small business owner who combined his work experiences in education and construction to launch a non-profit that teaches construction skills to highschoolers. He is running to bring his advocacy for students and affordable housing to Helena.

Colette Campbell
Colette comes from a line of hardworking loggers. Informed largely by her work as an early childhood educator of children of poverty level families, she is running to advocate for all students who deserve quality, public education.

Tom Browder
Tom is a US Army veteran, a small business owner, and most recently worked in education technology. He is running to ensure his state invests in local economies, public schools, and healthcare.

Lisa Pavlock
The daughter of a nurse and a veteran of the Navy, the value of public service and contributing to her community was instilled in Lisa early. Her commitment to community drove her to work as an educator, open a new school, and now, run for the State House. 

Loni Conley
In her sixteen years as a nurse, Loni has seen firsthand how legislation from Helena impacts patients’ care. She is running to ensure all Montanans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

LouAnn Hansen
A 4th generation Montanan, and a product of public schools, LouAnn was an educator for 35 years. She is running to take her expertise and advocacy for public education to the State House. 

Jade Bahr 
A Montana native, Jade was working as a receptionist at a foster-care network for Native American youth when she saw the need for public services. In the State House, she fights for social justice and is an advocate for all Montanans.


Chokwe Pitchford
Coming from generations of Benton Harbor graduates, Chokwe is running to represent the interests of working people. In the State House, he will fight for the people of Michigan, not narrow corporate interests.


Anton Andrew 
Anton fought for poor and working class families as a public defender. Now, he is running for office to advocate for a sustainable environment, and to help all families realize the American dream. 

Deb Ciamacca
A Marine Corps veteran, businesswoman, and teacher, Deb has been serving her community for decades.She has fought to keep guns out of our schools and to have fair representation through non-gerrymandered districts, and she wants to take that fight to Harrisburg.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to support these candidates as they create a more healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future.



Andrew Grunwald
Campaigns Director
Future Now Fund

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