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Reminder! Join us! YCDP General Meeting – Aug 13 – 6:30pm

Reminder! Don’t forget to join us! Join Zoom Meeting Here: New to Zoom?  Don’t worry, click this link for instruction video. We are honored to host guest speakers Corporation Commission Candidates Shea Stanfield  My responsibility, as an ACC Clean Elections

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Good Afternoon, Oakland County! 22 days until Election Day! Digital Voter Guide: We are so excited to present our 2020 Digital Voter Guide! In it, you’ll find candidate bios, websites, and more! Plus, print


On Your Ballot – Your AZ State Candidates

Early ballots begin arriving this week. Here you will find information about the2020 Arizona State Candidates LD 1 and LD6 We strongly recommend you vote your ballot promptly and mail it or drop in


Rural PA Could Determine the Presidency

A New York Times op-ed shows that boosting rural Democrats could be the key to winning Pennsylvania. And winning Pennsylvania is key to defeating Donald Trump. Some think we can’t win in rural areas. But

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