Trump and GOP launch massive voter suppression effort

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This is despicable –

With just six months left until the fall elections, Trump and national Republicans are ramping their voter suppression operations to levels “that probably no other presidential campaign has had before.”

According to the New York Times, the GOP is launching a program to recruit tens of thousands of people in key swing states who will “monitor polling places and challenge ballots and voters deemed suspicious.”

For decades, the GOP was barred from intimidating voters with tactics like these because the courts “found instances of Republicans intimidating or working to exclude minority voters.”

But now, for the first time in forty years, national Republicans will be allowed to engage in widespread voter intimidation without consequences – just as Trump and thousands of state Republicans will be on the ballot.

Republicans aren’t wasting a second to suppress more voters – instead, they’re putting $20 million and recruiting 50,000 people to target and intimidate voters.

This is exactly what Trump wants: In an interview just weeks ago, Trump said that if voting access was expanded, “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” Now, the GOP is launching a massive operation to target voters at the ballot box.

GOP consolidates power in Pennsylvania

Here’s the latest –

Republicans launched an outrageous play for power in a swing state – and if we don’t stop them now, their right-wing agenda could be locked in place for another ten years.

Not long ago, a leading Pennsylvania lawmaker announced a push to impeach Democratic Governor Tom Wolf because he acted decisively to address the crisis. But with an overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians supporting Governor Wolf, the GOP’s real motive is clear.

Here’s why Republicans are doing this: If they successfully remove the Democratic governor and lieutenant governor from office, Republicans could secure a trifecta just in time to gerrymander the state’s congressional districts in 2021.

This is as partisan as it gets.

Even though 72% of Pennsylvanians support Governor Wolf’s swift action in the face of the global health crisis, Republicans are launching an all-out attack to solidify their power.

And if the GOP’s plan succeeds, electoral maps could be rigged to advance Trump’s agenda in the state into the next decade. We cannot let Republicans get away with this.

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