We’re Still On the Front Lines!

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Pop Quiz: 
1 . Has CTC’s deep canvassing paused until we can get outdoors?  
2.  How do we train volunteers and reach voters while the country is on hiatus? 
3.  How does deep canvassing continue in this current moment? 

1. Nope 
2. Virtually. 
3.  Creatively.      

On April 5th—well into the lockdown—72 people participated in our second round of online story-telling workshops before getting on the phones to brave our new frontier: deep canvassing by phone! Because this election is so important, CTC volunteers began attempting to have the same conversations with swing and infrequent voters we were having at their doors. While we are still experimenting with this technology, volunteers who did get through found there are still some voters who are hungry for conversations.

Austin, a volunteer from California, got into a conversation with a retired police officer who was caring for his ill wife. Using his training, Austin told this voter about the people he loved and got the voter to open up about his own family and talk about how infuriatingly incompetent Trump’s handling of the current crisis is. 

There are roughly 200 days left before the election. We can’t afford to take our foot off the gas. Join us for an info session, story-telling workshops, and canvassing opportunities. 

Attend a Virtual Information Session! 

This Saturday, April 25, at 1 PM, join us to learn about why CTC’s deep canvassing is so important and how we are transforming our groundbreaking approach given the world around us. RSVP HERE

Join Us for Virtual Training and Canvassing

We’re offering Part I of our virtual storytelling workshops on two dates: 
RSVP for April 29th Virtual Storytelling Workshop
RSVP for April 30th Virtual Storytelling Workshop

Part II of the storytelling workshop is combined with a virtual canvassing action: 
RSVP for May 3rd Virtual Training and Canvass in Bucks

Other Ways to Lend Your Support

We also have a number of ways to support our efforts whether or not you’re inclined to speak to voters, Just let us know you’re willing to help and we’ll train you for the job that’s the best fit for you. 

Finally, even though CTC is currently mostly virtual, operating costs continue. Please consider contributing what you can to our organization. Follow this link to our DONATE page

Thank you and stay safe! 


Join CTC’s newly established Zoom Team! A small but growing group of volunteers have signed up to help design systems and protocols for CTC’s online meetings. We could use a few more people. Do you have expertise in virtual meetings? Do you want to learn more? If you’re interested, please email info@ctctogether.org.

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