“Republicans are using the pandemic to suppress the vote”

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In Wisconsin, Republicans got a trial run of their plan to exploit the coronavirus outbreak to block millions of Americans from voting – and one of the most prominent election experts in the country says the worst is yet to come.

Writing in the L.A. Times, election-law expert Rick Hasen warns that Trump and state Republicans are teaming up “to suppress the vote for partisan political advantage” by opposing Democratic-led efforts to ensure that Americans can vote safely.

That’s exactly what happened, when GOP state legislators and conservatives on the Wisconsin and United States Supreme Courts all acted unanimously to overrule health officials and force the state to hold an election with 95% of polling places shuttered in the state’s largest, most Democratic city – all while rejecting measures to let more voters vote safely by mail instead.

According to Hasen, “the biggest power plays may come in November, and they could threaten our democracy.” Democrats only have a few weeks to fight back in some cases, and it’s crucial that we mobilize IMMEDIATELY.

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