Looking For Holiday Donation Suggestions? Give to a Voter Registration Org!

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The holiday season is here, and what better gift could we give ourselves than a Trump-free America?

We are on the cusp of 2020, which means that for the next few months all eyes will be on the Democratic primaries & caucuses. As those contests take center stage, the remaining Democratic contenders will be vying for our small dollar donations, and many of us will be sending money to our favorite candidates.

But before we open our wallets for them, let’s spend this month – and a few dollars – ensuring victory for us.

Our victories in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (flipping the House, flipping Senate seats, flipping Governorships, flipping State Legislatures) stemmed in large part from new voters. And those voters were from demographics friendly to the Democratic party.

According to statistics, the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin registered a collective 1.4 Million voters since the 2016 election. Of those new registrants, Democrats made up 752,000 of them. Republicans? Just 247,000.

Any subsequent successes in 2020 will depend on registering similar voters across the country, particularly in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, and more.

So let’s be blunt about who we need to register:

  • Younger Voters
  • Female Voters
  • Educated Voters
  • African-American Voters
  • Hispanic Voters
  • Asian-American Voters
  • LGBTQ+ Voters
  • Urban/Suburban Voters

No demographic is a monolith. But research tells us that new voters from the above groups will be more than favorable to our cause of a Trump-free (and minimized-GOP) future.

So let’s help the helpers!

There are several established organizations that focus on registering new voters, with many specializing in outreach to the some of the demographics that I listed above.

So I’m asking everyone reading this post to consider making a special donation to a voter registration charity this holiday season. Whether it’s $1, $5, $50, $100, $500 or more, please consider making a contribution.

Below is a list of organizations that cater to the aforementioned groups. (Note that I have no affiliation with any organization listed).

Review them. Research them if you must.

And then pick one – or two, or five – and make that donation that will help lay the groundwork for victory next year.

After all, what better gift could you give to your country?


  • Vote.org | Donate Here
    Info: An easy, informative one-stop shop for online voter registration.
  • March For Our Lives | Donate Here
    Info: In 2018 the students of Parkland channeled their grief into action and made it their mission to register young voters in an effort to combat gun violence.
  • HeadCount | Donate Here
    Info: HeadCount focuses on engaging new/younger voters through the music industry, particularly registration events at concerts for popular artists.
  • Voto Latino | Donate Here
    Info: For 15 years Voto Latino has focused on registering Hispanic and Latino voters and getting them politically active.
  • Rock The Vote | Donate Here
    Info: Rock The Vote has been successfully registering younger voters since its inception in 1990.
  • League of Women Voters | Donate Here
    Info: The League of Women Voters is one year shy of its centennial. What better way to celebrate than with the defeat of Donald Trump at the hands of new women voters.
  • Voter Participation Center | Donate Here
    Info: The Voter Participation Center seeks to increase voter engagement with the “Rising American Electorate” – Single Women, People of Color, and Millenials.
  • The Movement Voter Project | Donate Here
    Info: The Movement Voter Project connects donors with hundreds of local organizations that work to register and turnout unlikely younger voters and voters of color in their communities.

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