Californians Need to Vote No on the Republican Recall

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San Francisco, CA / USA - Oct 08, 2012: Ed Lee Inauguration with previous Mayors of San Francisco

Something we have to think about:

Dianne Feinstein is 88 years old. Multiple articles have been written about her noticeable “decline” in recent years. Senator Feinstein was last re-elected in 2018, and her current term expires in 2024 when she will be 91 years old.

Right now, the U.S. Senate is evenly split. If Democrats were to lose just one seat, Mitch McConnell would become senate majority leader again. That would jeopardize everything from judicial nominations to progressive legislation to Biden’s presidency.

In California, Senate vacancies are temporarily filled by the governor. This new senator serves until the next statewide general election is held, which means an appointee could conceivably serve up to two years’ time before the voters of California could render their judgment.

In the recall election, voters are asked two questions.

  1. Do you want to recall Governor Newsom?
  2. If so, who replaces him?

There are NO viable Democrats among the replacements. If Newsom is recalled, he’ll be replaced by a Republican who could reshape a 50/50 Senate.

So my plea to California Democrats is this:

Understand the full extent of what's at stake in this recall. Appreciate the importance and far-reaching consequences of this vote. You could hand the Senate back to Mitch McConnell.

Vote NO on the recall of Governor Newsom.

Election Day is September 14
Voter registration deadline is August 30
How to stop the recall: Vote NO on Question 1
Every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail

Please spread the word!
You can sign up here to remind California voters to send in their ballot and vote NO on the recall.

And if you want to chip in to stop the Republican Recall in California — regardless of where you live — you can do so here.

Need to register to vote in California by the Aug. 30 recall election deadline?
Want to double-check your registration?
Want to pre-register to vote if you’re 16 or 17?
Here is your official one-stop shop:

Additional resources on the recall from DemCast:

Or just check out our CA Republican Recall section for more!

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