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Five Things to Know Today

Pelosi and McConnell attack each other in comments after impeachment vote

‘Partisan rage’ led to Trump’s impeachment, Kentucky’s McConnell says on Senate floor – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called President Donald Trump’s historic impeachment the “most rushed, least thorough and most unfair” in modern history. (Herald-Leader)

Pelosi: Mitch McConnell’s ‘not an impartial juror’ comments are example of an unfair trial – Nancy Pelosi suggested a delay in the transmission of articles of impeachment is possible if Senate Republicans could not agree to a “fair” process. (Courier-Journal)

KY says #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
Our own Del Ramey and Nick Lacy were at the pre-impeachment rallies in Louisville and Frankfort, and captured some great photos. Enjoy and share! (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky congressman snaps back: ‘Hell will be too good for’ President Donald Trump
Rep. John Yarmuth criticized President Trump for implying that fellow Rep. Debbie Dingell’s late husband may be in hell, calling it a reminder that Trump is “rotten to the core” and suggested that “hell will be too good for him.” (Forward Kentucky)

Bevin pardoned man for child porn based on 8-page petition that noted support of Bevin
On his last day in office, former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned Charles Douglas ‘Doug’ Phelps, a school administrator who pleaded guilty in Laurel County to possession of child pornography and tampering with a witness in 2013. The pardon means Phelps’ name will be erased from the Kentucky sex offender registry.

“This conviction resulted from a process long in duration, long on accusation, long on drama and short on evidence,” Bevin wrote in his pardon. “It was sloppy at best.”

Bevin apparently came to that conclusion using a clemency petition that contained only eight pages, including a hand-written note that said Phelps’ twin brothers are retired Kentucky State Police troopers and “the entire family supported Governor Bevin staunchly!” according to documents obtained by the Herald-Leader. (Herald-Leader)

Ky. House Democrats could make history in floor leader election
House Democrats hold their election for the vacant floor leader post, and could result in the first woman to hold that position. (Kentucky Today)

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[new] Guthrie bill to put generic insulin on market included in appropriations bill – A bill sponsored by 2nd District U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie and a bipartisan group of lawmakers that would put generic insulin on the market for diabetics was included in a larger bill that was approved by the House and Senate this week. (read)

[new] 🔥 ‘There’s no decision I would say I regret.’ Wayne Lewis’ departing message – Expressing no regrets regarding his time leading Kentucky’s schools, outgoing Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis doubled-down on a parting message to both his supporters and his critics: Put kids first. “Even,” he said, “when that means making decisions that inconvenience adults or cause us to have to do things in ways that we haven’t traditionally done them.” (read)

[new] Prefiled bill would legalize recreational pot – A bill that would allow for the legal sale of recreational marijuana, with wholesale tax receipts going to fund the state’s public employee and teacher pension systems, has been prefiled for consideration in the upcoming General Assembly session. (read)

[new] ‘It’s discriminatory … it’s dangerous.’ Bathroom bill back in Kentucky – A lawmaker who is a Menifee County pastor has pre-filed for the 2020 Kentucky General Assembly a bill that would put limitations on which public school bathroom transgender students could use. The legislation would also allow lawsuits against school officials who did not carry out the prohibition. (read)

Beshear pulls Medicaid waiver, protects expansion – The Beshear administration notified CMS that Kentucky is dropping its request to add work requirements to the Medicaid program. (read)


🔥 Gov. Beshear dumps the charter school clown car. And Bevin showed him the way. – Beshear promised a different tone and backed it up with strong action. On Inauguration Day, he put public education at the front of his administration as he said he would, exactly where it belongs. (read)

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