WATCH: Key Races: Joshua Cole, Virginia (The Lucretia Report)

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Image of candidate from campaign website.

In this series by the Lucretia Report we highlight key races in the Senate, the House, and state legislatures all around the country where we have an opportunity to beat the Republicans and win a seat for the people. 

This week, Joshua Cole, candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 28th District, Stafford County and Fredricksburg.

Joshua Cole is a civil rights activist and a community leader, he is the President of the Stafford County NAACP and has worked with Virginia Democrats for 14 years. Joshua is supported by such progressive organizations as Swing Left and Our Revolution because he is committed to fighting for you. He wants to ratify the ERA, protect our environment, expand medicaid, and reform our criminal justice system.

Joshua’s opponent, who has the full and united support of the Republican Party is a convicted felon, having been sentenced to prison twice, once for possession with intent to sell of cocaine, and again for accessory to burglary.

While Joshua’s opponent is a career criminal, Joshua is a leader, a neighbor and a man of integrity.

If you want to make sure that Joshua is the next delegate from the 28th district, go to to volunteer and donate.

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