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Donald Trump has been organizing, raising money, and fear mongering for his election since November 2016. He has been preparing for his re-election since the day he was elected and already has over $50,000,000 in the bank and three years at his back. Meanwhile, our Democratic candidates will be in the midst of a primary until only a few months before the general election. If we don’t do anything to stop him, Donald Trump will have a huge advantage in 2020, if we don’t do anything to stop him, and to mitigate this advantage, he will win, and he will have four more years to continue dismantling democratic institutions and instituting the Kingdom of Trumpia.

Luckily, Swing Left and the Unify or Die Fund are trying to mitigate just this advantage. The Unify or Die Fund recognizes that come convention time our Democratic Nominee will need every resource they can get to defeat Donald Trump, so is raising money for them. Every dollar you donate will go straight to the eventual Democratic nominee for President and to defeating Donald Trump. To learn more, go to

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