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GIFs to Fight Misinformation and Build a Better Future

Pause Misinformation Social media connects people and helps build movements, but it can also spread misinformation. For World Social Media Day on June 30, use these GIFs to encourage everyone to pause before they share. Forward this email?With 15,000 pieces of content

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February Progress Post: Celebrating Black History

February 2022 Edition: Black History MonthThis month we remember the history and celebrate the achievements of African Americans in the United States. Since its inception in 1976, February has served as a


COVID Death Count in States Opposing Mandates

COVID death count in states opposing mandates Politics is temporary, but death is permanent. This map shows states where politics trumps COVID safety measures. Who pays the price? Share this StoryMap freely with this link


40,000 in Wisconsin

We’ve got big news Friends! Starting today, July 19th, we will be texting weekly in Wisconsin in partnership with Organizing Empowerment Project in a huge push to help folks get vaccinated. Text Troop

Trump's Big Lie

The Week That Was

This week we feature the work of ShuriReisists. She has created these graphics inspired by the news of the week including recent happenings in the Capitol.


Return of the Maskhole

The Heartland mamas rip on those that just cannot for the life of themselves or others put on a damn mask, get vaccinated and follow BASIC hygiene protocol so we can get

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