GIFs to Fight Misinformation and Build a Better Future

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Into Action

Pause Misinformation

Social media connects people and helps build movements, but it can also spread misinformation. For World Social Media Day on June 30, use these GIFs to encourage everyone to pause before they share.

Blue phone GIF with moving graphic on phone screen stating "hate feeds off disinformation. Starve it"
Shaking vaccine bottle with the words "check your facts, get the vaxx" written on the label
Blue GIF with moving lips on top opening with "hate feeds off of sharing misinformation. starve it" written below

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Economic Justice In partnership with We Make the Future

With our partners at We Make the Future, we’re working to reinstill hope in our democracy and counter cynicism and despair. Use these GIFs to help build a movement where everyone is safe and free, with a care system and economy that works for us all.

One woman in a wheelchair and one pushing the chair holding signs that say "Our elderly can get better healthcare when the rich pay what they owe"
Moving bus with a sign stating "imagine where we can go when the rich give as much as they take"
Three people standing in front of moving text which states "Kids and teachers thrive when the rich pay what they owe"

Celebrate Progress In partnership with Building Back Together

America is getting back on track. With shots in arms and checks in pockets, small businesses are reopening and Americans are headed back to work. Use these GIFs to celebrate the progress we’ve made, and recommit to doing what it takes to get all Americans everything we deserve.

Family standing in a circle with the words "summer of reunions" on top of image
Two women holding flags. One is the flag of the USA and the other is a blue and red flag with the words "Thank you essential workers" written on top
Two people standing in front of a store with the sign above flashing and stating "America's small businesses are getting back on track"

Meet the Artist Jeremy Speed Schwartz

Jeremy Speed Schwartz is an award-winning animator and interactive artist based out of Atlanta.  As a founding member of the League of Imaginary Scientists, he has built systems to help people travel through wormholes, evolve into post-human cyborgs and converse with slime molds on Twitter. Find him on GIPHY: @jeremyspeedschwartz

Pay artists!
Baby it's covid outside
One day at a time
We gonna make a new day

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