February Progress Post: Celebrating Black History

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February 2022 Edition: Black History Month
This month we remember the history and celebrate the achievements of African Americans in the United States. Since its inception in 1976, February has served as a reminder that Black history is American history. Despite all that has been done so far, there is still much more work to do to ensure that the U.S. becomes a truly equal nation.
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 Program Launches


 Additional VaxAmbassador Training & More


 Text Troop Candidates Making Headlines


 Trivia Question of the Month


Next week we are launching a texting program to help folks in the California Central Valley find COVID-19 vaccination appointments near them. Keep an eye out in the Text Troop Slack for more information!

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Resources for even better conversations 

Become a #VaxAmbassador

In case you missed it– Our partner Made to Save is hosting another #VaxAmbassador training! Here you will learn how to initiate and engage in effective conversations about the COVID-19 vaccines in your online communities!

Can we count on you to join us on Thursday, March 3 at 7 – 8pm EST?
Sign up here: madetosave.us/vax-ambassador

*And don’t forget to let them know Open Progress sent you!

Equity Talks: Achieving Environmental Change through Nourishing the Planet (and Ourselves!)

As the heat of the planet rises, so too does the pressure on rising generations to find solutions to heal our environment. Such pressure gives rise to a new climate-induced crisis: our own mental health. How is climate change altering the way we relate to stress and trauma, our decisions about our future, and the increased disparities experienced by marginalized communities? Join Teach for America as we sit at the intersection of climate change, social justice, and mental health and discuss how we can all contribute to the harmony of our world and our own inner peace.

Register Here
February 24, 2022, 7:00 PM — 8:15 PM



 See the progress Text Troop is creating 

Amelia Parker Tackles Gun Violence
“After a second year of record-breaking gun violence deaths in Knoxville, City Council member Amelia Parker is ready for a new tactic. Frustrated by roadblocks to local solutions, Parker plans to push for state lawmakers who represent the city to tackle gun violence as a public health crisis.”

Read More on Knox News

D.C. AG Karl Racine Protecting Your Data Privacy
The new lawsuits include a focus on so-called dark patterns, which are design choices websites use to steer users toward a certain decision. “Racine said it was important to include dark patterns in the complaint “because it shows the level of deception and the level of intention that many companies including Google, engage in to essentially trap the user limit the user’s ability to keep certain areas of their life private.”

Read More on CNBC

Text Troop Calendar:

  • Tentative, 2/22-2/24: Vaccine Texting in the California Central Valley | 12PM-12AM ET
  • Early-Mid March: Vaccine Texting in a surprise state! | 9AM-9PM ET

Specific dates will be updated soon, so keep an eye on our Upcoming Program Calendar.

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 Create change in your community & beyond 


EMAIL YOUR SENATOR – The Senate blocked The Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act. Now is the time to contact your senator to prioritize your voting rights and make voting accessible for all. Email your senator to defend your democracy.

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Trivia Time! 

Who is the only US president who assumed the presidency without winning a majority of electoral votes, via the House of Representatives?

Last Month’s Trivia: 

In 1974, Democrats won their largest congressional majorities since the New Deal Coalition of the 1930’s. This class of legislators were named the “watergate babies,” since the victories were largely attributed to a backlash against Nixon’s Watergate scandal. How many of them are currently, as of January 2022, still serving in congress?

Answer: Out of the 54 “Watergate Babies” elected, only One is still serving: Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and he will be retiring at the end of his term in Jan 2023.

Featured image: NAACP

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