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The “De-Tribalization” of America

This comment was posted on Twitter by ss_gallifrey after reading a thread I wrote about a propaganda technique employed by the right commonly known as the “Fire Hose of Lies”: I’ve been


Political human trafficking

Political human trafficking DeSantis records human trafficking political stunt for FOX TV with $12 million of Florida tax payer funds. DeSantis pulled off the stunt. He lured a couple dozen immigrants onto


Republican gun policies help mass shooters

Republican gun policies help mass shooters A racist teenager kills ten in Buffalo with a military-style assault weapon. What role do Republican policies play in the surge of mass shootings? “The shooter at a Buffalo


Putin Republicans: Follow The Money

Putin Republicans : Follow The Money What makes Putin Republicans adore the Russian dictator? Follow the money. Putin has bought corrupted the Republican Party. Follow the money to see how this lets

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