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Our July 20 Newsletter

Hi Friends, The fight for a better country is literally at our doorsteps. For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the Gubernatorial Recall in California. See below for ways


Just Say No to the Recall

By Ann G. Daniels Deadline: sign up now for July 7 action and keep going! American elections are unique in that they last, well, forever. Except when they sneak in and you don’t


Last Week in DemCast

What a week at DemCast… Systematic racism is real! Hank Cetola, who recently explored his own white privilege, exposes two congressmembers who claim that it doesn’t exist at all. In California Gov.


Our May 10th Newsletter

We’re a grassroots organization. Just as roots weave a strong, interconnected web, we’re learning how to best tie in with local and national groups in this new election cycle. The Central Valley


Our March 16th Newsletter

Hi Friends, Things are revving up. We’re a few days away from the inside story on the attempt to recall Governor Newsom, we’re running phone banks to help citizens protect their voting