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News From the Coconino County Democratic Party
September 10, 2021

Saturday Is Our Monthly Meeting! 

Join us Saturday on Zoom for our Quarterly Business Meeting!  10 am – noon

Join Zoom Meeting


(Times are estimated and the order of presentation is subject to change.)

10:00 Call Meeting to Order – Ann Heitland, Chair
10:05 Laura Kuby Candidate for Corporation Commission
10:20 Kris Mayes Candidate for Attorney General
10:35 James Gravitt Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
10:40 Mark Robert Gordon DNC Member — Update on DNC 
10:50   Redistricting Report Sharon Edgar
11:00 Women’s March – Flagstaff Marilyn Weissman and Deb Block

11:02 Ann Heitland – Call to Order for Quarterly Business Meeting

  1. Approval of Minutes from June 12, 2021 Business Meeting – Jack Cahill
  2. Treasurer Report – Bill Wade
  3. Report on Petition Drive – Ann Heitland
  4. First Vice Chair Report – Aubrey Sonderegger
    1. Indigenous Voter Committee
    2. Latinx Voter Committee
  5. Second Vice Chair Report – Events
  6. Legislative Committee – Darrell Boomgaarden
  7. Youth Committee – Austin Kerr
  8. Education Committee – Linda Guarino
  9. Platform Committee – Marie Sansone
  10. Volunteer Coordination Committee – Vicky Finger
  11. Closing Comments by Chair Ann Heitland

Noon Adjourn 

County Fair!

Thank you to all the volunteers who made our presence at the County Fair a success! Special thanks to Second Vice Chair Allan Gerston and his wife, Casey Nugent, who led the effort.

Campaign for Voting Rights, Education, and Fair Taxation

Our petition drive continues. On Tuesday, the lines for our two notaries were five-deep at one point. This effort is so important for our success in the 2022 election. Thank you to our amazing volunteers! 

Besides protecting access for voters and holding the line of fair taxation, our work on these referenda has given us the opportunity to speak with thousands of voters in our County about democratic values and the contrast between the political parties. We’ve even registered some new voters. Our Youth Committee has been engaged in an event at the Murdoch Center. Our presence at the Tuba City and Leupp flea markets has been enhanced. We’ve practiced our skills in organizing, phone banking, door-knocking. Even our office volunteers have kept busy with mailing, sorting, stacking. 
Check out locations and times for upcoming opportunities to sign and share with your networks. 

Contact Our Federal Representatives!
What happens in Congress this month is so important for our nation, and for the success of Democrats in the midterms next year. It’s time to deliver on President Biden’s campaign promises to protect voting rights and Build Back Better. Seven in 10 Americans support the President’s Build Back Better agenda which includes the “hard” infrastructure bill that has passed the Senate and the “human” infrastructure bills that will come out of the House this month. 

Our Legislative Committee, in cooperation with Democrats of the Red Rocks, follows the work happening now in Congress and writes weekly calls to action to make your lobbying work easier. Please follow these alerts on our website and use the scripts to call Congress, write Congress, and write letters to the editor! What you do now will pay dividends next year. For example, the Child Tax Credit, which is injecting money into our still-crippled economy will expire at the end of the year without action by Congress. Critical climate protection will not happen if Congress does not act. And, don’t let anyone tell you we can’t afford it: Tax adjustments can pay for what needs to be done.

But only until the end of the year. 

Women’s March – Flagstaff
The Supreme Court’s Texas abortion decision ignited a nationwide fire. Our volunteers are working with others in the County to organize one of the hundreds of events that will take place on October 2.  Save the date and plan to attend the rally at City Hall Lawn at 2 pm. Details to follow. If you would like to work on this event or contribute, contact Marilyn Weissman at

In another example of how elections matter, yesterday the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Texas to block the bounty-hunter law, stating Texas is “in open defiance of the Constitution.” Can you imagine Bill Barr’s Justice Department doing anything like that?

State Committee Meeting Date Change

In deference to the Women’s March, the Arizona Democratic Party changed the date of its State Committee Meeting from October 2 to September 25. If you are a state committee member, check your email for notice of this change and a link to register or give a proxy. Questions should be addressed to the schedule of Caucus and Council Meetings, CLICK HERE. If you want to be involved with or learn more about our Caucuses and Councils, CLICK HERE.

September 12th, 1:00 PM – Rules Committee Meeting *

September 14th, 6:30 PM – Resolutions Committee Meeting *

*The Rules and Resolutions Committee meetings are the place for substantive discussion and modifications to submissions. Your participation in these discussions is encouraged to provide input into the committees’ deliberation and decision-making processes.

September 22nd – Proxy forms are due

September 22nd – Agenda and ZOOM link will be sent out

September 25th, 9:00 AM – Meeting registration closes

September 25th, 10:00 AM – Meeting is called to order


Looking for a perfect gift for your favorite Coconino Dem?  Check out our new tee shirts and other gear.  A limited supply of tee shirts will be available for purchase at the County Fair. Online orders are usually delivered in 7 days.


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