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#RemovePaulGosar from Congress

By refusing to recognize the results of the certified election and supporting allegations without evidence Congressman Paul Gosar encouraged the terrorists and sedition disrupting our constitutional process.

Furthermore, Paul Gosar encouraged the rally that stormed the capital building and continues to agitate against the norms of our democratic republic.

Through these actions Congressman Paul Gosar has shown that he is not fit to protect the constitution and needs to be removed from his congressional role.

As current constituents of Paul Gosar in Yavapai County, we are asking for petition signatures from residents of Arizona CD 4, Arizonans, and Americans to call on current members of Congress to refuse to seat Paul Gosar.

If no consequence is given for seditious acts they will continue and the fabric of our country will unravel. We will submit these signatures to the Arizona Congressional Delegation and urge our local elected officials in his congressional district to reject the dangerous political insurrection fostered by Paul Gosar. The most effective way to remove his toxic influence from Congress is to not allow him to be seated in the 117th Congress.

The Yavapai County Democratic Party

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