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25th Amendment

What the Holy Heck Is Going On?

Most questions I’ve received through my email have been about criminal consequences for Trump. Meanwhile, Articles of Impeachment are circulating.

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Randy Bryce (Start Me Up podcast)

Randy Bryce, the former Democratic candidate nominee for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district is back! Topics: the insurrection and the piss poor reaction from Republicans, Pelosi’s demand for 25th Amendment or impeachment proceedings,


Impeachment 2.0

It’s a new year and we’ll soon have a new beginning in Washington, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking office and Democratic control of both Houses of Congress, thanks to the

Karen and Mike Pence

What Would Mother Say?

It has been said that the only person that Vice President Mike Pence really listens to is his wife, Karen. Now might be the most important time for him to do that. 


The Time Is Always Right

And so as we consider the events of the past week -- and the past four years -- I urge my fellow Ohioans to take the time to do what is right.