The Heartland mamas Unfiltered, Coup at the Capitol

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The Mamas do hours of study and planning to bring you a great show every T & Th.  But this day, this time. January 5 & 6th 2021 will go down as the most remarkable in US history.

The Warnock and Ossoff victories in Georgia on the 5th were AMAZING.  The mamas were sure this was a great sign for the future of America.

Then Orange Caligula called up his insurrection forces and DUPED them once again, this time they stormed our Citadel and performed for their orange overlord. It was nearly everything He could have ever wanted from them – except they had no plan after making a mess and causing damage and creating fear and chaos.  Then what???? They had no leadership because trump can barely lead himself to the bathroom much less lead an insurrection.

So now we are at the 5 corners of: Inauguration, Sedition, Insurrection, The 25th Amendment, Impeachment, and imprisonment, Add in the alley of “pardon” which the spineless orange bastard is counting on. Because he is a FAILURE at every turn.

The Mamas did no pre show they just VENTED and predicted and they are FURIOUS! trump, his enablers are all GUILTY of SEDITION and should be arrested and removed from office IMMEDIATELY!

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