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The Antidote to Despair

A reader of this blog wrote this after reading yesterday’s list of real issues and problems to face in the next few months: Yale Professor Timothy Snyder offers insight about despair. He says: “shock


Our Statement on Future VP Kamala Harris

We’re in the midst of a pandemic that is decimating our economy and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Climate change continues to accelerate. The gap between upper- and lower-income Americans is


Don Jr. is Freaking Out

Friends – Donald Trump, Jr. has a message about the 2020 elections: Panic. Panic right now. Barely 24 hours ago, in a statement to dozens of right-wing donors, Don Jr. warned that “Democrats


A Message from the Chair of OCDP

To my fellow Democrats, We’ve come a long way over the past two years, and it’s been my distinct pleasure to be able to work with each and every one of you