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A cluster of right-wing extremist groups got together and put all of their dangerous ideas in a 920-page document called “Mandate for Leadership: Project 2025”.

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Project 2025 Is a Threat to Our Democracy.

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It’s become alarmingly evident that Project 2025 isn’t just another political strategy, but rather an appalling scheme that intends to alter the very foundation of our democracy. Dating back to 2001, the seeds of this radical concept were sown by Grover Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, who declared he wanted to reduce government to a size it could be “drowned in a bathtub.” Echoing these sentiments, Donald Trump, as a private citizen, hinted at drastically shrinking government operations as early as 2000.

Now, a collaboration of 350 right-wing organizations, led by the Heritage Foundation, birthed a colossal 900+ page blueprint. Their goal? To transfigure the U.S. federal government into a Christian nationalist, authoritarian structure, especially if a Republican triumphs in the 2024 presidential elections – or any subsequent election.

This is an emergency. Sign the petition to demand Congress stop Project 2025!

Named the “Mandate for Leadership,” Project 2025 doesn’t just suggest changes. It brazenly calls for firing everyone at all government agencies, to be replaced by legions of right-wing loyalists. These loyalists would be brought to Washington, D.C., their mission clear – to rework the federal government in service to Trumpism and White Christian nationalism.

But what are the pillars of Project 2025 that sound the death knell for democratic freedoms? 

  • Loyalty Over Service: It plans to label every federal employee as “at will,” allowing their employment to be terminated if they aren’t loyal enough to the administration. The Heritage Foundation is even rumored to be amassing a database of 20,000 MAGA loyalists for this purpose.
  • Centralizing Power: The plan seeks to place the entire U.S. federal government under direct presidential oversight, essentially abolishing the independence of key agencies like the Justice Department, FCC, FTC, and others.
  • Constitutional Manipulation: Taking cues, ironically, from Karl Marx’s interpretation of the unitary executive theory, Project 2025 posits that the U.S. Constitution’s Article Two vests all executive power in the president. The ramifications? Potentially, a chaotic and criminal regime reminiscent of authoritarian dictatorships.
  • Environmental Reversals: It intends to halt all climate mitigation measures, nullify the Inflation Reduction Act, cut off support for climate change initiatives, and urge allies to boost fossil fuel use – all while backing extensive Arctic drilling.
  • Religious Suppression: The blueprint leans towards annihilating constitutionally protected religious freedoms, advocating for a homogenized Christian nationalist viewpoint, and methodically erasing legal protections safeguarding our right to worship.
  • Rollbacks on Rights: From persecuting those who distribute abortion pills by mail, revoking the Department of Defense’s diversity and equity initiatives, to outlawing gender-affirming care for minors and curtailing their access to smartphones, Project 2025’s objectives are regressive.

Given this dangerous threat, our course of action must be clear. It’s a watershed moment for all Americans. We either fortify our democracy, ensuring it remains an emblem of freedom and justice, or watch it morph into a shadow of its former self, governed by unchecked autocratic rule.

We urge you to dive deep into the nefarious details of Project 2025, raise awareness, leverage social media, and ensure that the public and decision-makers understand the gravity of what’s at stake. By banding together and voting wisely, we can guarantee that our democratic foundations remain unshaken. Sign this petition now, and let’s rally against Project 2025!

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