Okaloosa Democrats September 2022 Newsletter

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Moving Forward, Together

Democratic Candidates for the

Federal and State Elections

After an eventful primary, we look forward to supporting our excellent slate of candidates in the November election. In this newsletter and the next, we will provide an overview of each candidate, as well as links to their websites, their volunteer opportunities and their donation pages. Please give them as much support as you can, let’s get them elected!

Val Demings became the first in her family to go to college. She became a social worker, working to protect children in broken homes. Dismayed at a system that was leaving too many families behind, she signed up to become a police officer. She quickly earned a reputation as a bold, creative cop. In 2007, she made history when she was appointed to serve as the city’s first female Chief of Police. Chief Demings served 27 years and at every rank level in the department.

In 2016, Chief Demings was elected by the voters of Florida’s 10th District to serve in Congress. She swiftly gained a reputation as a tireless champion for public safety, civil rights, and the American Dream that had given her a chance to succeed.

Rep. Demings is running for U.S. Senate to fight for every Floridian to have the same opportunity she had, to live the American Dream.

Excerpted from Val Demings’ campaign website

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Rebekah Jones grew up in one of the poorest counties in Mississippi – the second of four kids to teenage parents with no money. She worked hard to earn her education and her place in the scientific community.

Among other issues, she believes: that the right to vote is one of the most sacred and fundamental pieces of a government that functions for the people; that Florida deserves representatives who are honest and care about the people; that environmental issues range from addressing climate change and comprehensive infrastructure funding, to localized problems like protecting timber forests from the Southern pine beetle, and emergency planning and response; that every child should have access to a quality education from pre-K through graduate school.

“We need to start electing people who work hard and know the stakes, who are mothers, leaders, and decent human beings; women who stand for more than just themselves, and would sacrifice their safety, freedom, and even their life if necessary.”

Excerpted from Rebekah Jones’ campaign website

Charlie Crist has dedicated his life to fighting for opportunity and fairness for every Floridian. Over his career in public service, he has served as State Senator, Commissioner of Education, Attorney General, Governor, and Congressman. For Charlie, every Floridian is a neighbor. Working to help his neighbors and fighting for what’s right are his lifelong calling.

As Florida’s next governor, Charlie will stand up when our freedoms are under attack by partisan politicians. Charlie will protect the freedom of businesses, families, and communities to speak without fear of political retribution. And he’ll ensure Black and Hispanic communities have access to the ballot box, protect the freedom for women to choose, and defend the LGBTQ+ community’s freedom to be themselves.

Excerpted from Charlie Crist’s campaign website

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A Message from the Chair on Labor Day

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, an opportunity to relax and enjoy family and friends. During this holiday, I ask that we take a moment to remember the importance of this day. It serves as a time to recognize and celebrate the Labor Movement’s achievements and working people’s contributions to the development and advancement of our country. It is also a time to reaffirm democrats’ commitment to ensuring opportunity for every working person. Labor Day’s story is entrenched in the courage of those Trade Associations, Unions, and Men and Women who stood up to fight for fairness, rights, and equality in the workplace. This movement laid the foundation for workers’ continued progress and advancement.

The work at the Oakland County Democratic Party is a direct result of working hand in hand with our Labor Partners to ensure workers’ success in Oakland County and across the nation. I am proud of the work democrats and Unions do daily to ensure that workers are protected and supported.

All working people should have access to high-quality jobs to ensure families and neighborhoods flourish and succeed, regardless of one’s beginnings. Thank you to the Labor Movement for creating the environment for active employees to have protected, valued, safe, and fair work conditions.

Please stay safe and enjoy your Labor Day.

Nancy Quarles

Chair, Oakland County Democratic Party

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Okaloosa Democrats is a precinct-based organization that fights for democratic causes from the grass roots. We are the official local county arm of the Florida Democratic Party and the forefront organization of registered democrats in Okaloosa County.

Together, we stand with Florida's middle class.
We believe our community and our country succeed when
everyone gets a fair chance,
everyone does their fair share,
everyone plays by the same rules,
and everyone has the
freedom to participate in the political process.

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