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Join the Vote Early Campaign by purchasing a union printed sign! A big shout out goes to Denis Orsinger who designed the signs, has made an amazing resource for all, and will have graphics and words for our campaign as we go along. Please note: we have made these signs to be an investment; the date specific details can be covered with a union made bumper sticker for next year and into the future. Please put your signs out on Sept 12 and encourage others to get on board.

We have lots of signs that can be picked up at: Stair’s & other locations in CD 8/11, Meg Stevens’ in CD 7, Lissa Savaglios’ in CD 10, Richmond (location TBD), at the Women’s Summit in CD 2 and other places. The cost at these locations is $5.45 each, Union Made and Proud! Please indicate HERE.

If you want to buy directly from our Union Printer, Pete Gibson, please see the pricing HERE.


Stair Calhoun

703 203 8510

PS: Don’t miss PLENTY TOUGH AND GROWING STRONGER: Union Boom in 2022 on Friday’s Power Lunch. Sign up HERE.

This has been a banner year for union growth and we are celebrating on the Friday Power Lunch this week. Register here.

This year, we have seen:

  • White House and State Houses providing supportive political environments
  • COVID-19 pandemic forcing workers to reassess what it means to be safe at work
  • Successful stories about underdog labor-organizing efforts inspiring others to step up
  • Gen Z, almost 70 M people born between 1997 and 2012, leading the charge

We will start the show by talking about this current wave of organizing with Virginia Diamond, President of Northern Virginia AFL-CIO.

Virginia will be joined by Raul Castro, Senior Council Representative of Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. Raul will explain how immigrant workers are exploited in the construction industry and the role of unions in protecting workers and helping them join the middle class. As a child, Raul came to the US from Mexico and graduated from Alexandria City High School.

Then Meridian Stiller who helped organize one of 7 union Starbucks in Richmond while still in high school, will join the conversation. Meridian is now a freshman at Clark University and will discuss about how being a young labor organizer has changed their world view.

We will round out our look at labor with Julius Reynolds, Loudoun County Chair of SEIU Virginia 512, who will explain how new collective bargaining rights passed by the Virginia General Assembly and local governments have resulted in exciting developments for workers’ rights in Virginia.

See you on Friday for the #FridayPowerLunchPlenty Tough and Growing Stronger: Union Boom in 2022


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