Is VA Candidate Glenn Youngkin a Hostage or Just Weak?

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With more than 700,000 Americans dead as a result of the Trump administration’s botched response to the Covid pandemic, Republican politicians including Glenn Youngkin dare not admit that the proper response was and is strong government direction and control. 

Trump admitted to Bob Woodward on a Feb. 7 call that Covid was deadly stuff, saying, “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.” Then the president repeated for emphasis: “This is deadly stuff.” Meanwhile, Trump was telling the American people to not worry about Covid because it would all go away; this virus was like the flu. 

Approximately 20% of Americans devoutly believe in the cult of the individual. Republicans and others proclaim that life is all about you: Don’t worry about family, friends, promises, or duties. This attitude, coupled with social and cultural isolation throughout much of rural America, led to the sociocultural disaster confronting the United States right now. That 20–30%, depending upon the issue, trusts only what they can be convinced to believe. They buy into cults, conspiracy theories, and snake oil medicine. They form companies that ignore their workers and their communities in search of money. They will march to any drummer feeding their fantasies and egos. 

This hard-core 20% is a generation of whiners and they are holding politicians like Youngkin hostage. A few of them even pledged allegiance to a flag allegedly flown at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Though Youngkin avoided that rally, his surrogate and Trump extremist state Sen. Amanda Chase spoke in his stead. Trump addressed the throng of whiners via telephone and the gathering was herded by none other than pardoned fraudster Steve Bannon

Ever the slick corporate salesman and realizing the visuals of the flag salute were not good, Youngkin later dragged out his best corporate weasel words, “I wasn’t involved, so I don’t know. But if that was the case, then we shouldn’t pledge allegiance to that flag.” Later, in a statement, he said it was “weird and wrong to pledge allegiance to a flag connected to January 6.” 

Two generations of Americans have been fed the lie that the federal government was the problem. This is the same federal government that helped win WWII and the Cold War (which was possibly the greatest victory in a millennium). They cleaned up our once polluted environment, landed on the moon, and are exploring the vastness of space. And now they are getting vaccines in arms — but at times, without the overwhelming support they had in the past. 

Historically during periods of war, disease kills huge numbers of military and civilians as public health and services are overwhelmed. During WWII, when flu threatened to undermine the United States’ war effort, vaccines were hurriedly developed and administered to the troops, and the feared pandemic did not materialize. It wasn’t until after the war that civilians could receive vaccinations. By 1952, flu deaths had fallen by 50% annually and many deadly diseases were being controlled by vaccines.  

According to a story in The Philadelphia Inquirer, during the early 1950s polio was paralyzing more than 15,000 people, primarily young children, every year. “This was a different time, one when personal sacrifices became synonymous with patriotism, and scientific breakthroughs were hailed as miracles that would help define a new generation of discovery. It was a moment that also contained seeds of division and distrust that would metastasize across the country decades later during another hour of crisis.” In 1954, the first vaccines were administered to school children.

Youngkin is afraid to anger his extremist Republican base and Trump. He is sacrificing the lives of Virginians and their children to appease this Trump base. Vaccinated himself, Youngkin believes vaccines and masks work. However, he tows the Trump and Republican Party line that mandates violate personal freedom. The New York Times reported that in August nearly 30,000 children were hospitalized and pediatric ICUs were overwhelmed in Texas. In the least vaccinated states, child hospitalizations appeared to be four times higher than in the most vaccinated. 

The real reason for Youngkin holding the Republican Party line is that the success of vaccine and mask mandates to limit deaths and suffering demonstrates the horrific and unnecessary death and economic toll caused by Trump’s gross mishandling of this Covid pandemic. If Republicans admitted or even accepted that masks and vaccinations work, then they would be admitting that Trump and his regime are complicit in the now over 700,000 Americans dead and the crashing of the global economy. 

Hostage or weak matters not, Glenn Youngkin is unable and unfit to lead.

Photo credit Virginia Democrats via Twitter

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