The American Flag: Doesn’t It Belong to All Americans?

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American Flag

Editor’s Note: Last week, hosts of a Virginia rally supporting Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin kicked off events by bringing out an American flag that “was carried at the peaceful rally with Donald J. Trump on Jan. 6.” The crowd cheered the flag and then recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Youngkin, who was not present, later disavowed the incident.

For some, this event brought to mind the Blutfahne, or Blood Flag, revered by Nazis. On Nov. 9, 1923, members of the Nazi Party attempted to overthrow Germany’s democratic government. The Beer Hall Putsch drew 2,000 Nazis marching to the city center of Munich. The police killed several of the Nazis, including one who soaked a swastika flag with his blood. For years to come at rallies throughout Germany, Adolf Hitler touched the Blood Flag to new Nazi flags in order to consecrate them.

I love how MSM cannot bring themselves to talk about the pledge to the Jan. 6 flag deal with Trumpers and the blutfahne, or blood flag, that Adolf Hitler created out of their failed coup. Same ducking thing but they won’t say it. Say it! SAY IT!

It’s a powerful thing MAGA did. They are saying that the American flag is their flag. Not yours, not mine. I am really angry about that, and I’m angry to know that the flag has always stood for that.

I guess we have to decide if the flag stands for them or for all the things we claimed it did. Things like liberty and equality and justice for all. That’s a powerful thing for me. To look at the Stars and Stripes and think that I can’t put my hand on my heart if it is theirs.

I am reminded that this is why people kneel. The flag was not theirs, is not theirs. They were, are not equal, not free and there’s no justice. It’s important to note this wasn’t just a publicity stunt. To reference that Nazis did this too. It is important.

This article was modified from a Twitter thread. See Jenn Budd’s original tweet here.

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Jenn Budd is a former Senior Patrol agent, Senior Intelligence agent and whistleblower in the US Border Patrol. She writes and speaks on the inhumanity, corruption and rape culture of her former agency.

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