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Virginia: Have You Enough With the Hate and Rage?

The Virginia election for governor began by appearing to offer the promise of honest debate between two adults concerning Democratic and Republican issues and policies. Certainly, noisy and extreme candidates for delegate and their surrogates might use extremist hyperbole but

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Let’s All Take a Breath, Please

For those who want to listen to this on-the-go, the audio version is on Apple’s podcast website. You can also listen here. So, we woke up this morning to Democrats losing the marquee campaign


How can I help make a difference now?

We know that people are getting a bit weary of fighting for the Progressive causes, but there are some very important things happening in the next few weeks that can really use


Tuesday Tidbits 10/19/21

Dear Friends, In 2017, they didn’t think Virginia could do it – yet, we flipped 15 seats (11 of them women) and in 2019, we got it done! This year, we once