Want To Fight Disinformation? Attend Your Local School Board Meeting

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I usually go to Twitter to get the latest, breaking news in politics but on occasion, I run across really good ideas.

She’s so right about this. I mean, here’s just a sampling of headlines regarding what’s happening at school board meetings from this past week:

North Carolina School Board Meeting Turned Hostile After Protestors Show Up to Object Mask Mandate

‘Wildly flawed’: Children’s hospital president rips Clovis school board over COVID remarks

Critical race theory battle invades school boards — with help from conservative groups

There are parents who believe conservative media’s spin about COVID and critical race theory and they’re turning up at school board meetings to push their agenda. We must turn up ourselves to push against these harmful efforts. Conservatives are a minority in this country, but if they show up in bigger numbers than us, then school boards will respond.

Take action: All you have to do is Google “local school board meetings” and you’ll get the links you need to find out the date, time and place for your next local school board meeting. You don’t have to be a parent to attend. You’re a local, taxpaying voter with an interest in your own community. Agendas are usually posted sometime prior to the meeting. Your local board meeting may also be livestreamed.

You don’t need to say anything when you’re there if you don’t want to. But you can support the board and/or community members when they speak up about issues you find important. On the other hand, you can boo or flash the thumbs-down when you hear things you disagree with. School board meetings are the town halls of 2017!

We’ve all seen the danger disinformation poses to our country — but in the hands of local officials, they can make decisions that will negatively affect our own communities, right now. I hope you’ll join me in making a commitment to attend a local school board meeting this fall.

Thank you for taking action!

Originally posted on Political Charge. Reposted with permission and minor edits.

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