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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory Doesn’t Make You Hate America

The most recent performative outrage from white conservatives in the United States is declaring that the use of critical race theory to teach American history will make students hate America. Critical race theory doesn’t make you hate America. It is a

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Historic Wins for Democrats

In another thrilling night of pre-midterm elections, Democrats solidly trounced republican candidates across the nation in election after election, from mayors in large cities to representatives in crucial districts and states. Maintaining


Let’s All Take a Breath, Please

For those who want to listen to this on-the-go, the audio version is on Apple’s podcast website. You can also listen here. So, we woke up this morning to Democrats losing the marquee campaign

Forward Kentucky

Forward Kentucky Update

Notes from Bruce Hello! Here’s this week’s Subscribers & Members newsletter. As always, it’s got a listing of everything published since the last newsletter a week ago; the most-read piece from the past